General FAQ

Why lock your NFTs into NFT-PROs?

An NFT is an illiquid asset. It can be sold only if the owner finds a new buyer who is ready to pay the full price asked. With NFT-PROs, there is a way to sell shares of the pieces and engage in constant farming of fees with every transaction. More individuals are thus incentivized to enter the market even if they don’t have enough funds to buy expensive pieces.

Why do we need liquidity pools for NFTs?

Liquidity pols are a mechanism for providing constant liquidity on a decentralized permissionless layer running on Solana blockchain. They are unstoppable and immutable decentralized exchanges - the new DeFi standard in the blockchain space. If the NFT art market is to expand, it needs to offer highly liquid assets to all of the market participants, thus the need for cAMMs.

How to use your NFT-PRO?

By owning LORTs of an NFT-PRO, you can showcase your collection online in virtual exhibitions on the VR-All-Art platform, as well as other art platforms that integrate the support for NFT-PROs.

Do you get revenue from transactions?

With every transaction, the cAMM liquidity pool distributes fees proportionally to NFT-PRO owners. So yes, every trade gives you a piece of the revenue.