ALL.ART Pipeline

SolSea - The First Truly Open NFT Marketplace on Solana (LIVE)

SolSea is still in its early days, but it already enables us to engage with the NFT community, learn from it and understand its needs. The goal of this marketplace is to bring an open approach to trading NFTs and develop solutions to the problems the NFT community faces. SolSea provides us with a unique, in-depth understanding of the NFT market, helping us plan and shape the next wave of services and products ALL.ART will develop.

VR-All-Art Metaverse (LIVE)

Metaverses and VR are the future. VR-All-Art is ALL.ART’s first stand-alone product and it creates a direct bridge between virtual worlds and NFTs. It is envisioned and developed as a metaverse that hosts some of the most prominent artists, galleries, museums, and collectors, transforming the way arts and culture are handled in the era of NFTs. VR-All-Art avatars use NFT personal item assets as a new paradigm in collecting 3D NFTs. Standards for cross-app 3D NFT items are required to set the stage for the next-level playfield in the metaverses.

Unity-Solana NFT-enabled Wallet (LIVE)

Unity is one of the most popular gaming engines, hosting millions of developers who are releasing games and apps every day. By using the protocol directly in Unity, ALL.ART aims to enable developers to easily integrate blockchain support into their products, transforming the world of gaming and Unity-developed apps. The Unity-Solana wallet includes token management support, as well as the much-needed NFT support.

Universal NFT APIs (LIVE)

Our API covers NFT cross-standard retrieval and allows easy integration into apps and games. We are looking to support multiple standards of NFTs, starting with Metaplex and our NFT-PRO, eventually including all other iterations (current and future) of NFTs on Solana. We feel this is necessary because of the ease and speed of implementation in apps/games, and so app developers don't have to worry about different NFT standards and on-chain/off-chain data retrieval. Developers don’t need to directly access data on-chain. Instead, APIs are doing that for them.

NFT Teleport

Cross-chain NFT teleportation is one of the core infrastructure elements necessary to make NFTs universally accessible and compatible in the world of blockchains. NFT teleportation is not a trivial task of locking and minting NFTs cross-chain, but also includes metadata handling, verification and certification, proper NFT-PRO meta-layers, and security. ALL.ART's mission is to establish appropriate cross-chain standards while enabling easy teleportation of NFTs.

NFT Verification Standard and NFT Trademark

One of the most burning topics in the NFT space is the verification of collections and creators. The NFT ecosystem and available technological solutions are not enough to deal with the massive demand for proper verification mechanics, trademark and copyright protection. The challenge is not insignificant, and we see many digital platforms facing the same issues on and off blockchain. The immutability of blockchain technology makes it even harder to protect copyright, trademarks, and other forms of IP rights.

ALL.ART Protocol strives to tackle these challenges by establishing new verification standards that can be applicable across the entire ecosystem of apps and markets to ensure safe trading and proper protection of intellectual property.

NFT Real Life Object Tagging

We are looking to establish partnerships in the arena of biometric tagging of real-life objects that will be connected with minted NFTs. Only with proper, secure mechanics of tagging real-life objects such as art pieces will traditional markets adopt NFTs as a new way to trade. Once tagging is solved, NFTs will become much more than digital items—they will become a way to ensure the authenticity of real-life objects which have been transferred into digital and virtual worlds as NFTs. We will announce our partners in this endeavor soon.

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