All-Art Fund

The All-Art Fund is filled through a yearly inflation, which will be distributed to projects that apply for financial backing. The community will vote on who gets the funding.

Funding cycles and staking mechanics

Funding will be organized in cycles. Staking ART coins is necessary to participate in voting, and these coins remain locked until the funding cycle ends. Only once a new cycle begins are the stakes unlocked, which means previous stakes cannot be used in a new funding cycle.

Delegated voting

To ensure professional opinions are considered on important topics, ART coin holders can delegate voting to art market experts.

Support for the art community

The All-Art Fund is envisioned as a way to help the art community all around the world by powering a new funding mechanism, while promoting the protocol usage.

Regulatory compliance

To ensure full regulatory compliance in all jurisdictions, the All-Art Fund will support initiatives whose goal is to bring stakeholders together and create a positive climate for incorporating blockchain-based solutions into art market regulations.

Digitalization efforts

The All-Art Fund will promote and finance projects that involve and are centered around digitalizing real-life art pieces and bringing them into the digital realm.